Machine Elements Defination

Machine elements are part of a single component used in construction machinery, and every part has a function of typical usage. With the above understanding, the machine elements can be classification as follows:


Basic Principles Design of Machine Elements

Design of machine elements, basically a part of design (component), which was planned and constructed to meet the needs of the mechanism of a machine.
In the design stages, considerations that need to be take notice in starting the planning of machine elements include:
1. The types of planned loading
2. The types of stress caused by loading page.
3. Selection of material
4. The shape and size of the machines planned
5. Motion or kinematics of the parts that will be planned.
6. Use of standard components
7. Reflecting a sense of fineness (aspect estética)
8. Law and economic
9. Safety operations
10. Treatment and maintenance

With take notice to the above considerations, the total design stages are as follows:
1. Determining needs
2. The selection mechanism
3. Load mechanism
4. Material selection
5. Determining size
6. Modification
7. Working drawings
8. Preparation and quality control


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